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Thomas Donald Jacobs


Thomas Donald Jacobs is the blog editor, and one of its contributors. He has a BA and MA in history from Ghent University. He is employed there as a teaching assistant, giving classes in Early Modern European discourses about the Americas, the analysis of English historical texts, and – as of 2017-2018 – Early Modern English politics. His current doctoral research centres on English diplomacy during the Interregnum. His master’s research examined the policies of Charles V towards the Portuguese New Christians of Antwerp in an international context. His other academic interests include Native American history, and contemporary U.S. politics. He can be reached at:


Fien Lauwaerts


Fien Lauwaerts is one of the contributors to the blog. She has a BA and MA in history from Ghent University. She is currently applying for a doctoral research project on English informal diplomacy in the Spanish Netherlands during the reigns of the later Stuarts. She is also currently enrolled in the Academic Teacher Education in History program at Ghent University. Her specialization is the Spanish Netherlands and English politics during the seventeenth century, especially during the reign of Charles II. Her master’s research investigated the role of the Spanish Netherlands in English policy between 1665-1668. Her academic interests also encompass art history and sixteenth-century politics. She can be contacted at: